Services We Offer

General Services

Reference and Enquiry Services

You are welcome to ring or visit the library for assistance in accessing information within the resources of the library.

AV Previewing Facilities

Because there is an extensive range of audiovisual resources the library provides viewing and listening facilities to allow previewing before borrowing.

Internet and Databases

Internet and database access is available for library members. Our databases focus on theology and education.

The Library subscribes to:

  • EBSCOHost - Religion and Philosophy Collection - Available from home or at the library

  • RMIT - A+ Education - Available from home, at your school or at the library

Note: Databases accessible from home requires a user id and password, which is available to library members by calling the Catholic Library. When accessing A+ Education from your school or at the library, no login is require Details are available to library members by calling the Catholic Library.

School and Parish Services

Teacher and Catechists

Teacher and Catechist resources are available for the Religious Education Program in Catholic schools; when browsing the shelves these resources are denoted by the REU label on their cover.

When using the library catalogue online, click on the 'Reading Lists' link in the left column, then scroll down to the 'REU' section to view the current categories.  

To access items in that category, use the mouse the highlight the desired category, then click on the 'OK' button.  The list of items will be displayed on the library catalogue online.

Advanced Booking for Teachers and Catechists

Teachers and Catechists may advance book library resources online to support their teaching program. Resources can be delivered to the schools via Catholic Education WA Courier Service.  

To organise an advanced booking for items please phone 08 6380 5372 or email

Catholic Education WA Courier Service (Schools Only)

School staff may ask to borrow directly from the Library or to use the courier service which operates each week of the school term. Usually, items will be delivered and collected on Fridays.

Orientation Visits

School staff and Catechist groups are welcome to book an orientation visit to the library to hear about our resources and services.

Parish Resource Boxes

Parishes in both the metropolitan and country areas are welcome to request a bulk loan of resources on special topics such as sacraments, family and parenting, introduction to theology, spirituality, faith formation and parish management.