Parish and Family

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Catholic faith in schools

Parents are the first faith educators of their children

The family forms the first Christian community, it is the where young people learn to live faith through action and words. Families are formed in their faith through the parish.

It is the parish community which invites and welcomes new members and continues to nurture their faith throughout their lives. It is within this community that people learn what it is to be a Catholic.

It is the role of parents as primary educators of their children to present them for initiation into the Christian community.

The parish is where initiation into the faith is celebrated and nurtured through the sacraments. Sacraments are events for the whole Catholic community to celebrate together, this is reflected when parishes prepare and celebrate the sacraments as a community. The context for formation in faith and preparation for the sacraments especially for the sacraments of Initiation is the parish community.

The role of the Catholic school is to work in partnership with families and parishes in order to bring young people to God

Catholic schools complement parishes and support families by forming and developing young people in the Catholic faith.

By the nature of their mission and mandate Catholic schools assist parishes in their responsibilities to parents by providing the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith including knowledge of the sacraments.