Catholic Life

Catholic schools are an integral part of the life of the Church in Western Australia

They welcome families and support parents in the faith development of children by providing an excellent Catholic Education. Jesus is the Head of the Catholic school community and students are formed to appreciate his message and develop a personal relationship with him.

Catholic schools foster Christian values in society and aim to encourage young people to contribute to society in a way that reflects the teachings of Jesus and his Gospels. One of the key tasks of Catholic schools is to form young people committed to the love, compassion and justice of the Gospels.

Catholic schools are communities of faith that develop students to participate in Christian life by providing them with experiences where they express faith through celebrations of prayer, liturgy and the sacraments.

Schools provide the opportunity for students to participate in significant Catholic feasts and school retreats.


Students are encouraged to be involved in Christian life and service

Catholic schools are a vital part of the church’s mission to proclaim the Gospel, build faith communities, celebrate through worship and serve others.

Our schools are unique faith-centred communities that encourage intellectual growth, nurture faith, inspire action and create environments that affirm the dignity of all and strive to be authentic, caring communities that emphasise justice, equality, compassion and excellence. All students, regardless of their faith, are invited to participate in the Catholic life of the school.

The Catholic school is an experience of the church’s belief, tradition and sacramental life and all students and staff participate in a range of masses, liturgies and sacraments throughout the school year.

The spiritual formation of the entire school community is an essential part of the Catholic school’s mission and all students and staff are invited to attend to their spiritual development in a range of ways. As well as involvement in the sacramental life of the church, opportunities for retreats, reflection and personal and communal prayer are offered to all.

Inspired by the Gospel imperative to actively pursue social justice, all students and staff are challenged to take their role in transforming the world, serving others and working for justice. Students are encouraged to participate in various charitable works and structured opportunities for Christian service learning are provided.

The Catholic life of our schools means that academic learning, prayer, service and sacramental life lead to a greater knowledge, love and service of God.