How do I gain employment in a Catholic school?

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is not a central employing body, and therefore, is not responsible for the placement of teachers/staff to Catholic schools in WA. This responsibility lies with the principal of each school.

All schools advertise their positions on our website which can be found at Vacancies or in The West Australian on a Wednesday or Saturday under Education Appointments. Apply directly to the advertised positions which interest you.

Alternatively, you can contact schools in your area directly and ask them to consider you for positions should they arise. Use our Find a School search and the schools’ profile information to help or use our Directory, available in our Publications section.

If you are seeking relief teaching positions only, you can provide your details to schools and, should they be interested, they will get in contact with you directly.

What is the recruitment procedure for Catholic schools?

Schools publicly advertise ongoing vacancies. Candidates are selected for interview based on their written response and references. Selected candidates are required to provide the stipulated police clearances upon appointment. The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia Policy Statement: Appointment of Staff in Catholic Schools details the procedures schools follow.

Do you need to be Catholic to work in Catholic Education?

No you don’t need to be Catholic to work in Catholic Education. However, the Catholic faith and teachings are integral parts of education in this sector and staff must be fully supportive of this. It is a requirement that teachers of Religious Education are committed Catholics who give active Christian witness to Catholic beliefs.

Is there a requirement for me to undergo training in the Catholic faith to be employed in the Catholic Education sector?

Yes, we require all our staff to gain an understanding of the Catholic faith. As part of your terms of employment, you are required to undertake professional learning and development either via the Accreditation to Work (Non-Teaching staff) or Accreditation to Teach & Accreditation to Teach Religious Education (Teaching staff) learning modules, depending on your role within our sector.

Will I be required to obtain any clearances to work in Catholic Education?

Yes, on appointment we require all staff to undergo a successful police clearance. Where required WACOT registration and Working with Children Clearance must also be demonstrated.

What types of roles/jobs are there in the Catholic Education sector?

There are a myriad of roles performed by our valued employees that make Catholic Education in Western Australia a success. You can work in one of our 163 primary and secondary schools located in the metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Western Australia. You can also work for the Catholic Education WA offices located in Leederville, Broome, Geraldton and Bunbury.

The types of roles range from school Principal, Deputy/Assistant Principal, Teaching staff, Administrative and Technical Officers, Financial Accountants, Consultants, Lawyers, Psychologists, Nurses, ICT professionals, Human Resource personnel, Groundskeepers and maintenance, Careers Counsellors, Marketing and Enrolment Officers, Canteen Managers and Early Child Years and Childcare roles.

Where can I go to get assistance if I have a query about my terms and conditions of employment?

In the first instance, you should contact your school. The school will be most familiar with your specific terms of appointment. CEWA can also provide assistance via the Workforce Relations Team with any workforce concerns that you may have on 08 6380 5231.

Catholic Education WA office employees should contact the Human Resources Officer for queries relating to their conditions of employment.

What is my salary and conditions of employment?

There are three Enterprise Bargaining Agreements that cover the salary and conditions for school employees:

1. Teachers: Teachers EBA 2012

2. Administration & Technical Officers, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Boarding House Supervisors: Non Teaching Staff EBA 2014

3. Teacher Assistants, Out of School Hours Care, School Employees: Non Teaching Staff EBA 2014

  • The relevant EBAs are available in our Policies section within our website.

Are there any other documents relating to my conditions of employment?

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia Policy Statements that relate to your employment are available online.

Is my employer my school Principal or Catholic Education Western Australia?

If you are a school employee, your Principal is your employer.

If you are a Catholic Education WA office employee or a Catholic school Principal, your employer is the Director of Catholic Education.

Applicants applying for Principal Positions

If applying for a Principalship, can the application form be emailed to you?

Yes, the applicant is required to submit their application electronically to principal.appointments@ceo.wa.edu.au by the specified closing date.

You need to submit a Cover Letter along with the Application Form.

Do I need to submit an application for each advertised Principal position?

Yes; Each application is assessed individually and as such applicants will need to apply for each position they are interested in.

Can my referees submit their references electronically?

Yes, by email to principal.appointments@ceo.wa.edu.au.   

If applying for a Principalship, when can I get feedback from the Principal School Advisor?

Feedback is given to those applicants who are unsuccessful for an initial or second interview from the Principal School Advisor or CEWA officer who chaired the interview panel. Feedback is given after the announcement to the school community and within one month of the appointment being made public.

If I apply for a Principalship position in November will my application be carried over to the following year?

No, applications and references are only held for the calendar year - January to December and then destroyed.