Copyright Compliancy

The Smartcopying website glossary states Moral Rights are the:

Right of attribution of authorship

  • The author has the right to be identified as the author of the work or film when it is presented to the public. The attribution must be reasonably clear and prominent.

Rights against false attribution of authorship

  • The author has the right not to have their work attributed falsely to someone else and not to have an altered work being attributed as unaltered.

Right of integrity of authorship

  • The author has the right to have the integrity of their work respected and not subjected to derogatory treatment. A treatment is derogatory if it in some way prejudicially affects the honour or reputation of the author.
Further information can be found on the Australian Copyright Council website.



If a school needs to seek permission to use third party material, information and examples on how to undertake this process may be found at Smartcopying / National Copyright Guidelines/ How to Clear Rights.

Other Organisations

If an external organisation wishes to apply for permission to use material in which the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia holds copyright, the following Permissions Form needs to be completed. Please allow a minimum of 21 days. Please note that an application does not guarantee permission will be granted.


Copyright Permission Form