Licences for WA Catholic Schools


The CEWA has entered into the following agreements on behalf of Western Australian Catholic schools:

CAL - Copyright Agency Limited
Copyright Act Part VA
Administers the rights to record and make off-air copies of broadcasts from radio and television on behalf of producers of radio and television programs and films. More
Copyright Act Part VB
Administers the right to make copies of publisher literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works on behalf of authors and publishers.

  • Administer a collection of licenses in relation to the limited photocopying of print music, recording or copying music and sound recordings and performances. More information on these licenses can be found here.
  • APRA - Australasian Performing Rights Association
  • AMCOS - Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society
  • There is also a dedicated email address for schools, enquiries sent to this address will receive a response within 48 hours
  • Teachers may also call toll free on T 1300 852 388
  • ARIA - Australian Record Industry Association
Roadshow Co-curricular Licence
Administers the Roadshow Non-Theatrical licence to allow CEWA schools to screen films to students for non-educational purposes. This licence is known as the 'Co-curricular Licence'.  If schools are unclear if a particular film is covered, please contact Paul MacKenzie at Roadshow who will be able to provide you with a response, email or T 02 9552 8605.

Specific Church Music

All CEWA Schools are covered by ONE LICENSE for the reproduction of liturgical music.  

More information on ONE LICENSE can be found here.

Further information on the 'Reproduction and Performance of Hymns and other Liturgical Music by Schools' can be found here