Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

An Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program offers a play-based program for children and their families outside of the normal school hours. These services can provide any or all combinations of before, after and vacation care. Some services also provide care on pupil free days

Catholic schools provide OSHC on the school site. This ensures children do not have to travel to another location for their care. The services are provided within the Catholic ethos and are managed by the school Principal.

These programs operate under the Child Care Act 2006. Services are registered with the DEEWR and are eligible for Child Care Benefits.

Before School Care

This type of care is part of the OSHC program and is provided to children in the morning before school commences. These programs are generally very relaxed with quiet activities for the children to be involved in before they go to school.

They will often have breakfast and this may be provided by the service or parents may send it along with the child. Hours vary between services.

After School Care

After school care is provided as part of the OSHC program. Children will be collected from the collection point at the school and taken to the OSHC facility on the school site by a staff member. The children will be provided afternoon tea and a range of leisure activities throughout the afternoon. Hours vary between services.

Vacation Care

Vacation Care is provided as part of the OSHC program. These programs operate during the school holidays and on pupil free days.

The children are provided with a range of activities throughout the holiday period. Some days may be excursion days where children will be transported and supervised to participate in an activity such as movies, fun factories, zoo visits etc. Other day incursions may be planned where an outside provider comes in and conducts an activity eg: first aid training, animal farms etc.

We also recognise and value that school holidays are a time for resting and reenergising, therefore, a significant portion of each program will include activities based on the children’s interests within the centre.

Our centres are fortunate enough in most cases to have a dedicated facility where the environment can be set and left so the children enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and safe place to play with their friends. Hours vary between services.


Catholic Education in WA partners with a number of organisations and agencies. For example in 2009, Lotterywest provided funding for equipment at three new OSHC services including St Kieran, St Munchin and Orana.

These grants have provided the children with some wonderful leisure and play equipment. A total of $20,999 was granted. This partnership has enabled Catholic Education to provide an enhanced OSHC services to the children and their families.


What is a long day care program?

A long day care program is one where parents can arrange for their child to be cared for in an appropriate setting. The age range of children eligible to attend these services will vary depending on the license, but can include children 0-5 years. 

The long day care services are provided within the Catholic ethos and are managed by the school Principal. These programs operate under the Child Care Act 2006, are registered with NCAC and are either accredited or working towards accreditation with NCAC. Services are registered with the DEEWR and are eligible for Child Care Benefits.

What is a playgroup?

Playgroups vary according to the needs of the community they are located within. However all playgroups involve both children and families attending the play session. They are fantastic opportunity for children and their families to play and socialise together. They provide many important early learning opportunities for children.

Facilitated playgroup - these groups are attended by both parents and children however there is usually a leader facilitating the program. They will plan the activities for each session and set up and pack away with assistance from the parents. Some Catholic schools offer this type of playgroup.

Community playgroup - this is perhaps the most common model of playgroup. It is operated by a group of parents and everyone takes a turn at the various duties. Parents and children meet at a venue to play and socialise together. Some Catholic schools and parishes offer a space for this type of playgroup.

Age specific playgroup - these can be either based on the community playgroup or the facilitated playgroup model. The difference is that they specify the play group is only for children of a certain age. Some Catholic schools operate three year old playgroups and 0-3 year old playgroups.

Kimberley playgroup - these playgroups are operated at many of our schools in the Kimberley area. They mainly operate for children aged 0-3 years and their families. Many of the children and families attending are Aboriginal and many of the staff are Aboriginal. This is an important project as we work with Aboriginal children and their families to 'close the gap'.