Planning for the Future

Catholic Education in Western Australia continues to experience sustained growth and is constantly involved in long-term planning for existing and new schools.

An important part of planning for the future of Catholic Education in Western Australia is reviewing our current school enrolment needs as well as working with our planning advisory committees who help with the important planning of new schools.

In the past 15 years there have been six new primary schools built, two new secondary schools, two new composite (Kindergarten to Year 12) schools and a new Early Learning and Care Centre. In addition, there have been school rebuilds, relocations to meet changing local needs and one amalgamation. We predict further sustained growth in the Greater Perth region and are continually monitoring growth throughout the whole of Western Australia.

Planning for Growth

The planning process has evolved over time and involves working with specialist planning advisory committees based in Perth and Bunbury that:

  • Monitor and analyse local area demographics and population forecasts
  • Provide advice to the Executive Director regarding the acquisition of land for future school sites
  • As well as advise the Executive Director regarding prioritisation for the construction of new schools.

The Perth committee also advises the Executive Director on rationalisations and major changes to existing schools. A recent example of this change is Holy Name School, Carlisle becoming a new Early Learning and Care Centre for the wider community.

Latest Update

Joondalup single gender schools

Due to planning issues, CEWA will not be opening Stormanston Catholic College for girls and St Ambrose College for boys on Drover’s Place, Joondalup.

Planning in this area is still being undertaken to ensure Catholic secondary school demand will be catered for in the future. 

New Schools

Further information on the location of new Catholic schools and Expression of Interests can be found on the New Schools page. 

Growth in our Existing Schools

With infill and new residential developments, suburbs go through a period of regrowth which can require additional student places to be needed in existing schools to accommodate the increased demand. Given space limitations, particularly within many of our inner-suburban schools, this option is only possible in some existing schools.

These decisions are taken at a strategic level and CEWA monitors enrolment trends in all areas, looks for patterns and works in consultation with all schools within growth areas to devise the best plan to accommodate Catholic families within our current Catholic schools, where possible. Further information on the location of existing Catholic schools can be found through the School Profiles.