Catholic Education Psychology Team

The Catholic Education Psychology Team is funded by the state government through the Department of Education Services (DES). The Psychology Team is managed by Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA).

An agreement between the Catholic Education Western Australia and the Department of Education Services governs expenditure of funds, the operational parameters of the service and the accountability process.

All registered Catholic schools throughout the state of Western Australian are eligible for access to services provided by the Psychology Team.


The Psychology Team provides psychological services to assist schools to optimise student learning and development.


  • Centralised and school-based training in evidence and best-practice-based intervention programs

  • Broad based, system level school interventions to address educational, behavioural or social and emotional needs

  • Crisis management planning and response

  • Assistance with policies and processes related to the National Safe Schools Framework
  • Assistance to staff within schools with either broad-based or individually directed programs or interventions
  • Individual needs-based interventions in relation to educational or psychological needs
  • Liaison with outside professional bodies and community agencies.

The Psychology Team comprises of:

  • The team leader of Student Services based at Catholic Education Western Australia in Leederville

  • The Coordinator of the Psychology Team, based at Catholic Education Western Australia in Leederville

  • Psychologists, senior psychologists and consultant senior psychologists who fill a variety of roles in the team
  • A Consultant funded by CEWA works with Catholic schools in the areas of student well-being.

Psychology Team

Services provided by the Psychology Team are negotiated through the school Principal. The purpose of the service is to provide support to schools with needs they have identified and prioritised.

The Psychology Team also has priority areas which guide the use of their resources.

Priorities for the team include:

  • School resource enhancement
  • Early years intervention
  • Whole School development
  • Professional learning for teachers
  • Needs based assessment
  • Evidence based programs to assist with:
  • Dealing with bullying and cyber bullying

  • Systematic approaches to managing behaviour

  • Enhancing student learning

  • Promotion of student social and emotional learning

  • Catering for student’s individual needs

  • Supporting teachers with classroom concerns

  • Parenting programs

  • Crisis management.