Frequently Asked Questions

Our Schools

  • Where is the next new school being built and when?

  • I live in Perth’s southern suburbs, are there any plans for single gender schools there?

  • How long does it take for a new school to be built once all planning approvals have been received?

  • What’s it like to be part of a brand new school? Will it have all year groups?

Early Years and Care

  • What is a long day care program?

  • What is a playgroup?

Religious Education and Curriculum

  • What can I do to prepare my child for school?

  • How do I help my child with subject selection for upper school?

  • What support can I expect for my child who is gifted and talented?

  • What support can I expect for my child who is experiencing difficulty with leaning?

  • What forms of technology are available for my child in Primary School?

  • How can I decide which is the best school for my child?

  • My child is in Year 7. Will they be attending a Primary or Secondary School?

  • Should my child have homework?

  • Does my child need to learn a second language at Primary School?

  • How often will my child go on school camp?

  • My child has no idea what he/she wants to do? Is this a problem in the course selection process?

  • Can I repeat studies or complete my Year 11 and 12 studies over a number of years?

  • I have heard that I might be disadvantaged selecting Stage 2 units compared with Stage 3 units because I will get a lower score?.

  • I have heard that I will be disadvantaged doing courses which might be scaled down?

  • If I can get in, isn’t it better to go to University than to a State Training Provider (TAFE College)?

  • How easy is it to transfer from a State Training Providers (STPs) course to University?

    • Where can I find out more about entry to Medicine and Dentistry?

  • Where can I get more advice about the three stages in the new courses and VET pathways?

  • Does my child have to sit the NAPLAN tests?

  • What do the levels/grades mean on the report?

  • How often will my child get a school report?

  • What does my child need to know at the end of each year level?

  • Students with Disability

    • What resources are there in school to support my child?

    • How will the school be able to meet my child’s educational needs?

    • What Catholic school can my child go to?

    • Will my child be safe and cared for at school?

    • How will the school be able to meet my child’s educational needs?

    • What help is available from external agencies?


    • How do I gain employment in a Catholic school?

    • What is the recruitment procedure for Catholic schools?

    • Do you need to be Catholic to work in Catholic Education?

    • Is there a requirement for me to undergo training in the Catholic faith to be employed in the Catholic Education sector?

    • Will I be required to obtain any clearances to work in Catholic Education?

    • Yes, on appointment we require all staff to undergo a successful police clearance.
    • What types of roles/jobs are there in the Catholic Education sector?

    • Where can I go to get assistance if I have a query about my terms and conditions of employment?
      • What is my salary and conditions of employment?

      • Are there any other documents relating to my conditions of employment?

      • Is my employer my school Principal or the Catholic Education Office?

      Applicants applying for Principal Positions

      • If applying for a Principalship, can the application form be emailed to you?
      • Do I need to submit an application for each advertised Principal position?

      • Can my referees submit their references electronically?

      • If applying for a Principalship, when can I get feedback from the Principal School Advisor?

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