The Frontline Services Program

Target Audience

This leadership program targets administrative staff (e.g. receptionists, front office staff, bursars and business managers) interested in attaining a nationally recognised qualification using their existing role and work. 

Depending upon their current role, candidates complete face-to-face learning and a workplace-based action-learning project to achieve either a Certificate IV in Business (BSB40212) or a Diploma of Management (BSB51107). 

Program Outline

In the Western Australian Catholic system, frontline services personnel provide essential administrative support in Catholic schools, at Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and in regional offices in the dioceses of Bunbury, Geraldton and Broome.

Frontline services personnel are involved in business administration, finance and human resources management roles and include reception staff, administrative assistants, officer managers, finance officers, bursars and business managers.

Frontline services personnel undertake their roles in complex and changing times, many without the benefit of formal qualifications. Despite the crucial roles frontline services personnel play in the smooth operation of our system and schools, they tend to be the last recipients of quality professional learning.

The Frontline Services Program seeks to address this inequity. The program comprises two streams of competency-based professional learning that seek to assist frontline services personnel to attain either a Certificate IV in Business or a Diploma of Management.

Program Structure and Components

Candidates for this leadership program have a choice of two possible streams: a Certificate IV in Business or a Diploma of Management.

Stream one: Certificate IV in Business (BSB40212)

This five-day program targets school and CEOWA administration staff (e.g. receptionists and administrative assistants) who have a business component in their work role, but are not responsible for the formal supervision of staff.

Through completion of this nationally recognised program, participants will develop:

  • ​Enhanced knowledge and skills with regard to the administration of human resources, effective customer service and simple workplace projects  
  • Enhanced capacity to manage self and others.

Stream two: Diploma of Management (BSB51107)

This five-day program targets school and system administration staff who lead and manage people as a key component of their role (e.g. office managers, bursars and business managers). 

Through completion of this nationally recognised program, participants will develop:

  • Enhanced skills and knowledge with regard to the leadership and management of human resources, customer service and projects 

  • Enhanced capacity to lead and manage teams and individuals. 

Cohort Size and Program Facilitation

Entry to both streams of this program is highly competitive and participant numbers are capped at 20 participants per stream/per year. The quality of a candidate’s application form and endorsement provided by their principal or system supervisor are important aspects of the selection process.  

Program modules are facilitated using David Kolb’s theory of experiential learning. Kolb’s theory emphasizes the central role that experience plays in the learning process. 

Program facilitators are trained in the four broad adult learning styles as described by Kolb: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. For example, within program modules, new theory is often introduced by the facilitator as a lecture (abstract conceptualisation) complimented by the use of images and video (concrete experience). 

Participants are then asked to engage in individual reflection on the theory using a series of case study questions (reflective observation) before discussing their perspectives with colleagues in small groups (active experimentation). 

Small group responses are then probed by the facilitator during a whole group feedback and discussion session (active experimentation).    

Program Cost

The costs associated with facilitation, course materials, venue hire and catering for both streams of this program (i.e. Certificate IV in Business and Diploma of Management) is $1,600 (conditional apply). 

Program Venue

The Newman Siena Centre
33 Williamstown Road, Doubleview WA

Application Due Date


Post   PO Box 198, Leederville WA 6903

Fax    08 6380 5268

Further Information

Click here for program information/dates and application form​.

Please direct all enquiries regarding this program to Dr Shane Glasson (Learning and Development Consultant, Leadership Programs) on 08 380 5234 or email