University and Non-University Researchers

Researchers from universities (including post-graduate students) are normally required to provide approval from their Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Researchers should ensure this approval covers all stages of the proposed research and provides details of the duration of the approval. Any conditions attached to the approval must also be provided.

For non-university researchers, approval from an HREC is also required except in cases where the research is deemed to be very low risk, especially to students. To clarify such cases, the researcher is invited to have an in-principle discussion with CEWA before submission of the application.

Approval Process

The Executive Director of Catholic Education in Western Australia has constituted a Research Approval Panel to consider each research application and make recommendations accordingly.

Assuming all required documentation (as outlined in the Application to Conduct Research in WA Catholic Schools and Research Checklist) is included in a research application, and that there are few issues to be resolved, applications are normally approved in about 20 working days. 

Researchers should consider these timelines as well as the time taken to secure Ethics Clearance from their Human Research Ethics Committee, when planning commencement dates for their research. 

The research approval process involves three stages;

  • Consideration of the completed research application and associated documentation by the CEWA Research Approval Panel. Once approved, a letter from the Executive Director is issued to the researcher
  • Consent from the principal/s of the school/s to be involved. The approval letter from the Executive Director is submitted to the principal/s along with other information and consent forms
  • Consent from the participants – students, parents, staff as required. These groups are also provided with information and consent forms. Please note that for research in Catholic schools, passive or opt-out consent from parents is normally not approved.

Key Documents

  • Guidelines and Principles for Research in Western Australian Catholic Schools and Offices
  • Application Form to Conduct Research in Western Australian Catholic Schools 2016
  • Templates and forms which are part of the application requirements:
            - Consent Form Template for Principals and Teachers
            - Consent Form Template for Parents
            - Collection Notice Template
            - Information Letter Template for Parents
            - Information Letter Template for Principals and Teachers

Research Application Submissions

Completed applications should be sent via post, not email, to;

Executive Director, Catholic Education in Western Australia

Catholic Education Western Australia
PO Box 198
Leederville WA 6903

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