Aboriginal Students

Catholic Education in WA is focussed on improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal students.

With almost 2,400 students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background and more than 100 Aboriginal Teacher Assistants in Catholic Schools in WA, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for Aboriginal people in our schools.

The dedicated Aboriginal Education K-12 Team support all aspects of Aboriginal education in Catholic schools in Western Australia. 

Based in the Perth office at Leederville, with staff in the Bunbury, Geraldton and Broome offices the team, along with CEWA is committed to Growing Enriched Cultural Knowledge in Our Schools.


Scholarship Opportunities

There are a number of Catholic schools that offer scholarship opportunities to Aboriginal families who would like their children to receive a Catholic Education.

Scholarships assist with the cost of tuition fees and in some cases can help with uniforms and books.

Scholarships do not cover boarding fees.

Sponsorships are intended to recognise educational commitment and also assist Aboriginal students who might be denied a Catholic Secondary education because of financial circumstances.

It is expected that students applying for sponsorship have established strong foundations for learning and aspire to complete Year 12. This is demonstrated by regular attendance at school and involvement in sporting and recreational activities in their school and community.

Information and application forms are available from the Principal, at any of the schools listed below. As the number of sponsorships is limited in each school, expressions of interest and applications need to be submitted early.

Contact the following schools directly regarding the Aboriginal Secondary Scholarship Program: