Aboriginal Education K-12

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The GECKOS website has been created to provide teachers with information, ideas, activities and resources to support them in the meaningful integration of Aboriginal perspectives in the school curriculum.

Catholic Education Western Australia is committed to striving for excellence in education for Aboriginal students within the Catholic Education system. 

This is supported by school communities building relationships within the Aboriginal community to develop an understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal history, cultural traditions, values and the contexts in which Aboriginal people live. 

The Aboriginal Education K-12 Team

Assists school communities to strengthen their understanding and knowledge of:

  • Local Aboriginal community history, traditions, culture, spirituality and the contemporary issues which impact upon society

  • Cultural diversities that exist between Aboriginal communities

  • Requirements of Aboriginal students and their families

  • School curriculum.

Involves Aboriginal communities in:

  • Curriculum development

  • Teaching Growing Enriched Cultural Knowledge in Our Schools (GECKOS)

  • Decision making through the Catholic Education Aboriginal Committees

  • Cultural immersion programs.

This enables Aboriginal students to have equitable access and participation in the Catholic schooling process and to achieve educational outcomes equitable with all Australians.

Catholic Schools and Your Child - Team Contacts

The Aboriginal Education K-12 Team comprises:

Team Leader  - T 08 6380 5290

The Team Leader’s role includes the management of Aboriginal education programs, plans and budgets at a system level. Advice and assistance is provided on matters relating to Aboriginal education.

GECKOS Consultant - T 08 6380 5293

The GECKOS (Growing Enriched Cultural Knowledge in Our Schools) Consultant works with educators to assist with the integration of Aboriginal Studies Across the Curriculum (ASAC) for all students in Catholic schools.

Aboriginal Education Community Consultant - T 08 6380 5291

The Aboriginal Education Community Consultant works closely with school communities, Aboriginal staff, parents and other external agencies to facilitate Aboriginal community access to Catholic Education.

Administrative Assistant - T 08 6380 5292

The Administrative Assistant provides support to the Team and to the Catholic Education Aboriginal Committee.

In the Regions - Regional based Personnel

The Aboriginal Education K-12 Team also has consultants based in the Bunbury, Geraldton and Broome regions as follows:

  • GECKOS and School Community Consultant, Bunbury - T 08 9726 7204

  • School Community Consultant, Geraldton - T 08 9920 0204

  • School Community Consultant, Broome - T 08 9194 9209