Australian Curriculum

The development of the Australian curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12 is the responsibility of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

ACARA’s work in developing the Australian curriculum is guided by the 2008 Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians. The Melbourne Declaration commits 'to supporting all young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens', and to promoting equity and excellence in education.

The Australian curriculum describes a learning entitlement for each Australian student that provides a foundation for successful, lifelong learning and participation in the Australian community.

Phase 1 courses of the P-10 Australian Curriculum (English, Mathematics, Science and History) are currently being taught by some schools and will be fully implemented in Western Australia in 2015.

The Western Australian Minister for Education announced a revised timeline for implementation of Phase 2 (languages, geography, the Arts) and Phase 3 (health and physical education, information and communication technology, design and technology, economics, business, civics and citizenship) courses.
This involves tailoring the content to suit Western Australian schools, developing and testing standards to assess student work, and ensuring schools have adequate time to familiarise themselves with the revised content.

The timeline for full implementation of Phases 2 and 3 is 2017.

These developments will be informed by a review of the Australian Curriculum announced by the Australian Government in February 2014.