Effective curriculum is derived from the interaction between the West Australian Curriculum, the learning environment, the range of teaching methods, the resources provided for learning, the nature of assessment and the relational networks within the school community. In addition, the curriculum of a Catholic school is concerned with students’ integrated development as Christian persons.

The church speaks of Catholic schools as aiming to foster the integration of faith and life, and the integration of culture and faith. Catholic schools seek to achieve this by seeking to create environments that enhance learning, nurture young people and empower them to live the Catholic faith in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Early Childhood Education

Educationally, the early childhood phase of learning is currently defined in Western Australian Catholic schools as covering ages 3-8. This phase is critically important in children’s learning and development.

The learning environment and the curriculum and pedagogy offered must be inclusive and developmentally appropriate for each student. [More]

Education for Early Adolescent Learners 

The middle years generally refer to Years 6-9. Key elements of education in the middle years include student engagement, effective educational scope and sequence across transition years, high academic standards and pastoral support networks.

Senior Secondary Education 

Senior Secondary education refers to programs which are typically designed for students in Years 11-12 (although they are frequently and appropriately offered to students in Year 10). Successful completion of these programs gives students credit towards secondary graduation and the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

The various stages within each course enable students to select programs which meet their needs. This includes students with special learning needs who can achieve a WACE using preliminary stage units and endorsed programs if necessary. Most Catholic Secondary schools offer a wide range of secondary courses and teachers receive support from consultants based at Catholic Education Western Australia.

Special Guidelines for Catholic Schools in Western Australia

Please download The Teaching of Human Sexuality guidelines here.