Curriculum K-12

The curriculum of a Catholic school is concerned with students’ integrated development as Christian persons and encompasses all the planned experiences provided by schools to facilitate students’ learning and development. (Mandate, paragraph 66)

The curriculum of Catholic schools fulfils the requirements of all relevant Australian and State Government legislation. Catholic Education staff are working towards the aim of the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, namely to ensure that 'All young Australians become successful learners'.

There is a strong religious dimension across the curriculum, which is most obvious in the subject of Religious Education which is the first learning area in a Catholic school in Western Australia.

The K-10 Curriculum includes the following learning areas:

As the 3 phases of the Australian Curriculum are finalised Catholic schools will be implementing the curriculum from K-10.

At the senior secondary level, Catholic schools plan learning experiences that prepare students to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Senior Secondary curriculum will also include a range of vocational education courses, some of which have industry accreditation.

The Learning and Teaching K-12 Team lead and support Catholic schools in Western Australia in their efforts to provide effective learning environments. The team assists schools in developing rich and challenging curricula that supports all students to learn and to maximise their potential.