Special Education Support Centres

Special Education Support Centres have been established in designated primary and secondary Catholic schools. They offer educational service provision for children whose disability might limit their ability to gain access to the regular curriculum without specialist support. Special Education Support Centres are an integral part of the school where students with disability are enrolled in the school on the same basis as their non-disabled peers and have an equal right to attend all the classes offered by the school.

Not all students with disability at these levels will require Special Education Support Centre placement, academic support or full-time assistance from support centre staff. Some students may:

  • Receive the major part of their academic program in the support Centre

  • Only need to access the Centre for certain activities, such as maths, literacy, work-related skill development, human sexuality programs, tutoring sessions in particular learning areas, or to practise and consolidate particular skills

  • Require part or full-time assistance of support Centre staff for activities, such as note taking, auditory interpreting or physical assistance in general teaching areas

  • May require assistance from support Centre staff for certain activities, such as electives where safety or access is an issue.

They may require assistance for some or all of the following:

  • Frequent assisted positioning or transferring

  • Personal assistance for eating, dressing or personal hygiene

  • Technological applications/assistance for communication

  • Mobility assistance and/or assistance to access material and resources

  • Accessing and using specialised equipment.

While a student may not be directly involved with the learning programs provided by the Special Education Support Centre, staff from the Centre may be utilised to provide assistance for other activities or areas in the school, or for principal endorsed out-of-school activities.

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students with disability participate in the regular Kindergarten or Pre-Primary programs to the maximum extent possible and do not take part in Special Education Centre programs.

In schools with a Special Education Centre, the Special Education Teacher may advise and assist early childhood staff to adapt the program to better cater for an individual child or children. Teaching assistant time from the support Centre may be provided for certain times or activities in early childhood programs.

Centre Locations

Several Catholic schools operate Special Education Support Centres for students with disability whose educational needs require the provision of additional support and resources.
Special Education Centres are located within a Catholic school and as such enrolment is at the school via the regular process. Special Education Centre staff include Special Education Teacher/s and additional Teacher Assistants, as well as specialised resources and facilities.
Close liaison with external agencies assists in the ongoing support of the educational needs of students.

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