Students with Disability

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Students with sensory disabilities or who have ongoing medical conditions may be eligible to receive services through the Department of Education (DOE) in their local Catholic school through the following services:
Alternatively, students with a hearing impairment may be enrolled in designated Catholic schools that provide programs supported through the:

All Catholic students in Western Australia have an equal right to an appropriate and inclusive education in a Catholic school.  

The majority of students with disability in the Catholic system are enrolled in their local school. Students may receive assistance through a range of options including:

  • Access to Learning Support Teachers

  • Small group or individual instruction

  • Teacher Assistant support.

A number of schools have an Education Support Centre where students may receive additional support with specialist staff. Catholic Education Support Centres are an integral part of the school where students are enrolled in the school in the same way as students without disability. 
Depending on needs and abilities some students may work primarily in the centre, while others will spend the majority or the whole of their time in regular classes with varying levels of support.

To assist schools in providing appropriate inclusive education the CEWA Students with Disability Team:

  • Provides advice and direction to Catholic school Leadership Teams on issues related to students with disability in Catholic schools

  • Provides ongoing specialist support to school staff in schools on issues related to the education of students with disability

  • Promotes best educational practices to enhance access, participation and learning outcomes for students with disability including working with schools to develop Individual Education Plans/ Individual Transition Plans (IEPs/ ITPs) for students with disability

  • Assists with the provision of professional development programs for school staff in the area of disability education

  • Assists schools to access funding and resources 

  • Works with schools to ensure smooth entry and transitions for students with disability

  • Assists schools to liaise with specialist agencies.

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