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Health and Personal Development Resources

My healthy body sites. Try ...

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teachers' Association NSW

The PDHPE Teachers' Association has evolved from the first gathering of Heads of Physical Education Departments in 1977

These will also help you.


Health Teacher

PE Central

Preschool Education

Your Gross and Cool Body a lighthearted look at the human body.

Sun Protection

Health and Physical Education Teaching

SoftWeb- Health and Physical Education

The Natural Health Society

Health and Physical Education - Resources for Education

Physical Education

Nutrition Resources: Nestle.Com

Free Teacher Resources from the Australian Institute of Sport

Health & Physical Education

Coaching/Physical Education Resources On The Internet

Educational Resources in Physical Education

PD, Health and PE

From the research department of L'Oreal cosmetics, Sun Protection starts with an explanation of the short- and long-term effects of sun exposure. Next it delves into the body's natural defences, skin types, and sun solutions. This is an interesting and relevant site that could be useful later in the year as we move into summer.

Greg Partridges human body sites.

The web site focuses on dental care. The site looks at food and drink that can affect your teeth, visiting the dentist, when to eat and advice on looking after infant and young children's teeth.

I have also found another site on dental care. This one is specifically focused on children and looks closely into what can harm your teeth and how to prevent problems in your teeth. Andrea Owens healthy body sites. - this site has a link, which is designed specifically for children. It gives information with students can easily understand. - Lead a healthier lifestyle. It's never too late to change - establish good habits now and you'll continue to reap the benefits

Perhaps you could also consider the 'sun smart' message and remind students of the importance of "slip, slop, slap" when they go outside in the sun.

The Department of Health and Human Resources

Vicnet Health Page

Nutrition Data

Kids Space on the Internet

World Health Organisation

Australian Bushwalking Page

Cyber Cyclery

Yahoo! - Health

Healthy Living

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

EdNA LOTE Resources

LOTE Teaching Aids

Languages Online

Support for schools in dealing with the international situation

LOTE Network

LOTE resources



A German adaptation of the popular French site Bonjour, this site contains exciting resources for learners and teachers of German. Students can access its activities and resources freely.

Yamada Language Guides

Asahi Newspaper in English

Faculty of Asian Studies

Welcome to VietGATE

ANU Asian Studies Resources

The Internet Dictionary Project

Centre for Information on Language Teaching

Centre for Information on Language Teaching (CILT) is the national centre of expertise on language teaching.

Language Learning in Tandem

World Language Page

Ask Eric

National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Centre

Activities, Games and Fun Ideas


Languages and Linguistics

Eric Clearinghouse

World Links

The Jerusalem Post - Net Edition

Latin American Network Information Centre

SMU Foriegn Language Education and Technology

Le Ministere de la culture

Site for language teachers

Usenet newsgroup

k12.lang.russian   Bilingual Russian/English

Society and Environment


Environmental Resource Information Network (ERIN)

Learning Through Collaborative Visualization (CoVis)


United States Geological Survey (USGS)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Greenpeace International

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)


Latest Earthquakes

Volcano World

Adventures of Herman

World atlas with geographic, economic, political, historical and cultural information. Includes maps, flags, currency converter as well as climate and time zone information.

Geography (K-3) at

Geography (K-3): Information, crafts, Quizzes, maps, colouring pages, and printouts related to the seas and various countries including Brazil, Antarctica, Australia, Africa, China, Japan, Mexico and the USA.

The Golden Pipeline

ABC Goldfields-Esperance website and

Provides comprehensive information on a wealth of environmental issues.

Herman is a red worm that lives in a bin and eats his weight in garbage every day. And as he eats, he leaves behind valuable castings that can be used as fertilizer in your garden.

Composting in Schools

Composting offers something for all ages. Primary students will be fascinated by tactile experience, and teens can research the biology, chemistry, and physics of composting.

Yucky Worm World

Wendell the Worm is the host for "yuckiest site on the Internet." In Worm World he explains the worm's role in recycling dead plants.

StudentNet Geography

Internet Resources for Geographers

Nice Geography and GIS servers

These Antartica sites were recently posted by Rebecca Ryan to the group: ... (for information related to weather) (Information on Antarctic explorers)

The World Factbook

Welcome to Live from Antarctica 2

The Best Wildlife Expedition In Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands

Virtual Tour - The Poles

Antarctica Links ... (for photographs of Antarctica)

You will also find a Stage Three HSIE unit of work about Antarctica at ...

Biomes are the world's major ecological communities,classified by climate and native plants and animals. (Earth Floor)

Early Primary will enjoy  (EO Laboratory)  (The World's Biomes)

.Alaska @ National Geographic

National Geographic surveys Alaska's Land, Wildlife, History and People. Highlights are the Bear Essentials video (under Wildlife), the Native People feature, and the e-mail postcards available in each section.

The Virtual Tourist

The World Travel Guide Net

The Lonely Planet

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

WWW Earthquake Locator:

This gives data from the USGS National Earthquake Information Centre within hours of an earthquake having taken place.

Earthquakes and


Volcano World


Social Science Web Server

This server keeps track of leading information facilities of value to researchers in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Australian Social Science Data Archive

Learning through Collaborative Visualization

CoVis is a community of thousands of students, hundreds of teachers, and dozens of researchers all working together to find new ways to think about and practice science in the classroom.

Australian Government

Guide to Australia


Parliament of Australia information.

The Australian Government Directory

Department of Parliamentary Library

Australia's Parliamentary Library is finding renewed interest in its

Web site since the introduction of its "E-Briefs", sections that provide useful resources on various hot issues like foreign policy, child protection, maternity leave and media ownership.

E-Briefs offer an introduction to these topics, providing background and commentary. Current topics include: Paid maternity leave, Iraq, child abuse, Mabo, media ownership and digital television.

Australian Government Information

Australian Federal, State, Territory and Local Government

Access to Australian Commonwealth Government Information

Australian System of Government

Tasmanian Government


Think History

D-Day, Normandy and beyond

Subject: Best History Websites

School History

Teacher Resources


An organic encyclopaedia on Britain in the Middle Ages. Each entry contains a narrative, illustrations and primary sources.

Renaissance Secrets"

A joint offering of the BBC and Open University, this website explores four mysteries from a historian's point of view.

The Navigators

Digitising History

1768 The Voyage of the Endeavour

Endeavour's Scientific Impact (1768 - 1771)

A New Foreign Country

The South Seas Project

Using the Multimedia Tools of the Internet for Teaching History in K-12 Schools

National Standards for History

Powers of Persuasion


Soviet Archives Exhibit

The Holocaust "Cybrary"

World War I Trenches on the Web

Australian War Memorial national collection

Flints and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory

Medieval texts

History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers

Yahoo! - History Resources

History links

The Perseus Project

Aboriginal sites

Ancient Egypt

Abu Simbel -

Part of the Sacred Places site, Abu Simbel is a temple carved out of rock during the reign of Ramses II and covered in great detail here as both art and architecture.

Akhet Egyptology -

This is an exhaustive source of information on all things to do with Egyptology;

Ancient Art: Egypt -

The Detroit Institute of Arts looks at the composition and elements of ancient Egyptian art appropriate for Middle Schoolers and higher; links to compare Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Etruscans, Arabian and Islamic arts too.

Ancient Egypt: the Eternal Voice -

The McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville presents this wonderful online exhibit of art and artefacts from ancient Egypt.

Greece Unit Study - Here's a good website for teachers of upper primary students.

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt -

Nobody does history online like Mr. Donn, and here he gives Egypt the royal treatment!

Egypt Antiquities Information -

Tour Egypt presents this awesome collection of secondary-level materials on all things to do with life in ancient Egypt. There are materials in science and chemistry, humour, marriage, mythology, writing, religion and so much more.

Egypt Fun Guide -

Presented by Sea World, this is a great site for elementary students looking at language and hieroglyphics, history and culture through games and activities which will engage them. .

Egyptian Mathematics -

Part of the larger Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt, this page offers basic lessons in the Egyptian number system and then offers several pages full of math problems .

Mysteries of Egypt

The Canadian Museum of Civilization presents this awesome site based on the IMAX movie made by National Geographic.

Mysteries of the Nile -

This virtual exhibit from the NOVA TV series offers excellent educational substance and a visually stimulating appearance. The panoramic 360 degree photos are breath taking, and you've got to love classroom resources.

Odyssey Egypt -

The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University offers this look at ancient mummies and pyramids.

Odyssey in Egypt -

Imagine being able to immerse your students in a ten week virtual dig in Egypt in which they can follow the excavation of an ancient Egyptian monastery

Pyramids -

Another fabulous NOVA production, Pyramids has less teacher support but it's chalked with so much information and pics you don't want to pass it up

The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser -

Djoser was the first pyramid to be built entirely of stone. This site does an amazing job of taking you through the process of building this step pyramid using clickable maps and tours of the individual chambers.

Table of Egyptian Gods and Associates -

Whether you're extending your social studies unit or looking for comparative mythology in the language arts, this site is a great introduction to Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Tomb of Senneferi

Senneferi is a lesser known Pharaoh presented on this fabulous student-centred site. It offers an excellent opportunity to study the processes of archaeology through a highly visual page.

Travels with Mousey -

Hey, if Steinbeck can do it why can't Schreiber? Mousey is a stuffed animal known as the "world's formouseyest Egyptologist," and this is the documented trip Mike Schreiber and Mousey took to Egypt in 1999.

Virtual Egypt -

The graphic layout is a little busy, but the activities contained in this site are perfect for elementary students. The timelines, tours and flash movies make this an incredible find.

Wild Egypt -

Wild Egypt is an online safari presenting the flora and fauna of Egypt. Select the Nile, the Land or the Red Sea and begin an expedition to discover the wild life of the region.

Write Like an Egyptian -

It used to be the only site like this was based in France and you were lucky if you could figure out what to do to enjoy the challenge.

You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy! -

Salariya Publishing offers this "web book" that walks students through the entire mummification process.



Governments on the WWW

Government Resources

International Government links

Australian Government home page

National Political Index

United Nations home page


CIA World Factbook


Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

English Resources

Literacy Resources

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