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Curriculum Framework Implementation Plans: Annual & Long Term Plans


Download an Example of an Annual and Long Term Plan

Annual Plan

Priority Areas

Long Term Plan

Download a PowerPoint Presentation on the Curriculum Framework Implementation The Presentation

This presentation identifies the focus of the Curriculum Framework and its implications for schools and identifies the necessary planning process to fulfil the requirements of implementing the Curriculum Framework and the System Agreement in Catholic Schools in Western Australia

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At the time of publication these sites were current and operational. However, changes happen daily on the Internet and the permanency or suitability of these sites cannot be guaranteed.

Internet Sites: General

Curriculum Materials Information Services (CMIS) Evaluation

WA Curriculum Framework

WA Curriculum Framework Resource Material

WA Values in the Curriculum Framework

WA Curriculum Council Courses Stage 1 to 3

Vocational Education and Training in the Senior Secondary Years in WA

Assessment Using an Outcomes Focus & Gathering a Variety of Evidence

Resourcing the Curriculum


Curriculum Support

Physical Education

Integrating ICT into the School Curriculum

This site contains best practice examples of how teachers are integrating the learning technologies into their teaching programs.

EdNA (Education Network Australia)

EdNA provides an extensive directory service of recommended Internet sites for the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. It is the result of a collaboration of all State and Territory Education Departments and designed to provide schools with a one-stop gateway that will link them to quality Internet sites worldwide. Users can access collaborative projects, general reference sites, libraries, museums, disability resources, educational services, adult and community education programs, school information, Vocational Education and Training, and higher education web sites.

Internet Sites: State And Territory Education Services

Each Australian State and Territory maintains a web site/s, which outlines the Government Education Services provided in that State. In several States responsibility for Education is divided into two sections, compulsory and post-compulsory schooling. While a variety of approaches has been developed to disseminate information via the Internet, all of these sites are comprehensive and offer a wide range of information about services, current initiatives and curriculum development in Australian education. Local information for each school system can be found on these sites, plus school directories, policy documents, strategic plans, teacher resources, curriculum resources, links to mailing lists and Internet links for teachers and students to special programs, collaborative projects, examples of best practice and data on current research.

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory Education Information Network (ACTEIN)

Northern Territory

Department of Education Northern Territory

New South Wales

NSW Department of Education and Training

Office of the Board of Studies NSW


Education Queensland

South Australia

Department for Education and Children's Services (DECS)


Board of Studies Victoria

SOFWeb ­ Schools of the Future

Western Australia

Curriculum Council

Association of Independent Schools

Catholic Education Office of WA

Education Department of Western Australia

Internet Sites: Assessment And Reporting

Authentic Assessment | Links and Resources

This site is a selection of links to articles and other Internet sites covering a variety of assessment topics. These include electronic portfolios and assessment, using a multidimensional approach, selecting and/or designing assessments that elicit established outcomes, authentic assessment in Mathematics, integrating outcomes assessment of students with the teaching assessment model, and teacher and student accountability.

Assessment and Reporting

This site is part of the Aussie Educator web site

Reporting to Parents

Welcome to the Standards and Moderation Website for the Department of Education of Western Australia

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Centre)

Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

The ERIC® Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation seeks to provide Internet access to balanced information and current research on educational assessment. A brief description of the contents of each site/listserv is provided, plus a direct link. Topics include alternative assessment/performance-based assessment, computer assisted assessment, definitions, demographics, disabilities and their implications for assessment, Early Childhood Education, International Educational Evaluation, language assessment, Mathematics and Science Assessment, outcome-based education and pedagogy in Educational Measurement.

Internet Connections ­ Assessment

Part of the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL) web site, Internet Connections provides a series of selected links on assessment in education. Included are topics such as critical issues in educational assessment, alternative assessment and electronic profiles, assessing information problem-solving skills, authentic assessment and science portfolios. There are also links to other educational organisations/databases (American) dealing with assessment in education.

Pathways to School Improvement - Assessment

The Pathways to School Improvement web site is part of the NCREL (North-continent Regional Educational Laboratory). This section of the site deals with critical issues in assessment and provides access to full-text articles on assessment issues, supporting materials, resources recommended by National Research Centres (American) and Internet links. A Triple Planner Inventory is also available to help teachers analyse their current assessment practices and point to specific resources within the Pathways site.

Internet Sites: Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Educators and Family Web Corner

Designed primarily for educators and parents, this site links to an expansive range of Early Childhood information available on the Internet. Main topic areas include assessment, social skills development, cultural diversity, the importance of play, early intervention and special education. Other links lead to articles on literacy, best practice, learning theory and DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice).

EDNA: Early Childhood Education Years 0-8

Discussion topics include appropriate assessment for young children, research in Early Childhood Education and the integration of community services for young children and their families.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

This site is a links page into the ERIC databases for teachers seeking professional reading materials in Early Childhood Education. There are also links to special topics such as the Reggio Emilia approach and the project approach to Early Childhood Education. Other links lead to articles on current research priorities (American) in Early Childhood Education.

The Early Childhood Australia Inc (ECA)

The Early Childhood Australia Inc web site contains a brief history of the ECA's roles and policy statements. Contact information regarding a range of publications and resources is also available. The ECA is the premier Early Childhood organisation in Australia and produces a large range of professional reading resources for teachers.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

The NAEYC is dedicated to improving the quality of early childhood education programs for children from birth through to age eight. Contents include resources for parents, conference information, a searchable index (containing brief descriptions) of articles currently available from the NAEYC's journal, a news releases database and relevant articles, public policy issues and searchable archives.

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