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FW: Smartboard sites

Hello everyone
Found some excellent Smartboard sites recently....
On this site look about half way down the page and he mentions a search engine 
to make it easier to find Smart files
SMARTBoard Notebook Search Engine 

I have created a customized Google search engine to help make it easier to find 
SMARTBoard Notebook files online. It searches over 110 websites including 
Smarttech and SMART Exchange's websites. I would love to add any websites that 
you know of that have Notebook files online. Email me any you have. Here are a 
couple I have in the database (http://smartboards.typepad.com/, 
http://technology.usd259.org/resources/whiteboards/smartlessons.htm etc). Basic 
Direction... Continue 

This leads to an excellent page called Harvey's homepage, full of Smartboard 
files sorted into subject areas.
Too good not to share!!!
Moira :)
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